Peterson's Test Prep Guide for AP Language and Composition

The AP English Language and Composition test covers students' abilities in analytical reading and their understanding of various rhetorical techniques writers use to convey their meanings or achieve their purposes.

The multiple choice passages are typically letters, speeches, excerpts from memoirs, or other non-fiction primary source documents.

The essays consist of the following:
1) a synthesis essay asking that students write an essay (usually argumentative) that uses a variety of textual sources, both print and non-print, in support of a thesis.
2) a short prose passage--students analyze rhetorical technique--use of emotional, logical, ethical appeals; use of dialogue; use of diction; use of syntactical devices such as parallelism or repetition
3) a quotation or passage that asks a student to take a position with regard to a quote from an author or an issue in current society. Students must support their answers with examples from their lives, current events, and reading.

Course description with sample multiple choice questions

AP Central released essay prompts:
Essay prompts 1999-2013