Quick Links: English IV Mythology

Plagiarism Tutorial and Quiz

Paraphrase practice worksheets (2) - due on Day 3
Read Chapter One of The Nuts and Bolts of College Writing and be ready for a quiz on it.

Thursday/Friday, August 22-23

1. Read "The Nightingale" above
2. Study for Vocab. Quiz 1
3. Finish "The Chaser" and write chaser paragraphs
3. Go over "The Crossing" Essays and rank
4. If time remains, discuss Never Let Me Go

Monday/Tuesday, August 26-27

1. Never Let Me Go discussion and other dystopian pieces like those below and "The Nightingale"
2. Workshop on Argumentative writing - rewrite A Frozen Night essays or Write "Salvation" essays.
3. Diction exercise

Wednesday/Thursday, August 28-29

1. Argumentative Essay workshop

4. Discuss The Stranger and absurdism/existentialism
5. Bring back IEP letters
6. Write Salvation essay - due to turn it in on Friday August 30/Tuesday, September 2.

Friday/Tuesday, August 30- Sept. 3

1. Watch the movie Never Let Me Go
2. Trade essays on Salvation/Frozen night and peer edit- due next class
3. Vocab. 2 test due Wed/Thurs. Sept. 4/5

Wednesday/Thursday, Sept. 4/5

1. Vocab. 2 quiz
2. Seminar on Swallows of Kabul and A Thousand Splendid Suns

3. Take home test - One page essay on one question from one of the above novels - due Fri/Mon. 6/9.

Friday/Monday Sept. 6,9

1. Turn in final draft of Frozen Night or Salvation Essay- PRINT THIS!! AND POST IT TO TURN IT IN.
2. Include EVERY draft and the peer editing sheets with your hard copy that you turn in to me.

Next week (the week of the 9th) we will begin working on college essays and resumes. If you have any prompts or resumes already written, bring them to class with you.

Tuesday/Wednesday, September 10, 11

1. vocab. 3 test on Thurs./Fri.
2. Writing a good resume - practice in class using examples - RD. due Thurs./Friday
3. Writing a good college essay - we will look at the good, the bad, and the ugly and start brainstorming for our own essays.
4. If you know where you are going to apply, get the prompt and find out something about the school (go to its website) and see if you can find areas where you can get involved.
Bring all that with you and start thinking about what you will write.
5. Everyone should have The Nuts and Bolts of Writing by now. - Read Chapters 2 and 3. A Quiz will be given over the information on Thursday/Friday.
**Turn in Salvation/Frozen night essays and Swallows/Suns essays (2nd period only - everyone else should have already turned them in)

Thursday/Friday, September 12, 13

1. Quiz on Nuts and Bolts Ch. 2-3
2. Quiz on Vocab. 3
3. Turn in activity lists
4. Write college essays

Ch. 2-3 notes - Acing the College Essay

September 16, 17

1. Collect activity lists and warm-up essays
2. Work on group reading projects
3. Write warm-up essay redux (revised)
4. Quiz on Nuts & Bolts Ch. 4 & 5 on Wednesday



September 18, 19

1. Quiz on Nuts and Bolts Ch. 4 & 5
2. NEXT WED. September 25 - Quiz on Vocabulary Week 24 using COMPLEX SENTENCES!!
3. Write full length essay (250-600 words) - due September 20,23.

September 30, Oct. 1

2. Watch Beowulf ppt.

Oct. 1,2

1 Introduce Seamus Heany and the poem Punishment - analyze it in pairs
2. Discuss the poem - show photos
3. Take the AP quiz on it.
4.Study for quiz on Old English and Beowulf ppts

Oct. 3, 4

1. Quizzes on Old English and Beowulf power points.
2. Section one Quiz
3. Read Section Two and complete handouts (lines 340- 606)
4. Extra credit - name in runes (must be excellent quality to receive top points!- 20) Be artistic!
5. Read Section one of Beowulf - lines 1- 339 and complete notes/study guide to accompany it.
5. Study for quiz on Old English and Beowulf
Old English Literature-2011.pptx
Old English Literature-2011.pptx
Old English Literature-2011.pptx

AS ppt study guide.docx
AS ppt study guide.docx

AS ppt study guide.docx

October 7,8

1. Section 2 quiz - Beowulf
2. Read Section 3 - through lines 709
3.. Introduce Anglo-Saxon Riddles
4. Solve riddles in groups - Asssign riddles due Oct. 10,11
5. Complete section 3 study guide for Beowulf notebook

October 9, 10

1. Section 3 quiz - Beowulf
2. Read Section 4 and complete study guide for hw
3. Trade riddles and try solving them..
4. Collect riddles
5.. Kennings activity- due Oct. 15, 16
5. Begin reading The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri- due Nov. 1

October 11, 14

1. Section 4 quiz on Beowulf
2. Read Sections 5 & 6 and complete study guides
3. Assign vocab. ch. 5 due Oct. 15, 16
4. Continue reading The Namesake
5. How big is Grendel's head activity

October 15, 16

1. Sections 5 & 6 Quizzes
2. Read sections 7 & 8 and complete study guidesfor hw
3. Vocab. week 5 quiz
4. turn in kennings
5. Read TIME's "A Brief History of Heroes" and take Edmodo quiz online (text) - due Oct. 21
5. Continue reading The Namesake - due Nov. 1

October 17, 18

1. Sections 7 & 8 quizzes
2. Read sections 9 & 10 and complete study guides
3. You will receive your study guide for the Beowulf test today
4. Anglo-Saxon Elegies & the heroic ideal- The Dream of the Rood- Elegy/The Husband's Message/The Wife's Lament

5. Continue reading The Namesake
6. HW: PPT -effects of Norman invasion on politics and attitudes about herioism, feudalism; Arthur ppt ; Read Arthur's birth handout

October 22, 23

1. Quiz on Sections 9 & 10
2. Writing activity
3. Elegies
4. Beowulf notebooks due Oct. 24-25
5. Group paragraph writing activity due at the end of the period
6. Continue reading The Namesake - due Nov. 15

October 24, 25

1. Collect Beowulf notebooks
2. Take Beowulf tests
3. Beowulf essay assignment/The Husband's Message/The Wife's Lament or One Amazing Thing- Essays due Oct. 30, 31
3. Group reading of Chitra Divakaruni - presentations due Oct. 28-29
4. Read Prologue to the Canterbury Tales
HW: Group Novel Projects - due Oct. 28, 29

October 28, 29

1. Divakaruni presentations.
2. Novel projects presentations
3. Write One Amazing Thing Essays
HW: Read The Namesake - get a a Neville Coghill translation of The Canterbury Tales by Nov. 1 - Mrs. Gilchrist has a few for sale

October 30, 31

1.. Watch "The History of English" DVD and complete the study guide
2. Collect One Amazing Thing essays
3. Discuss Chaucer and read the prologue- Complete study guide
HW: Read "The Knight's Tale" p. 27-87 & Study Guide

November 1,4

1. Mock Epic/Mock Romance--mocking the heroic ideal? Chaucer's "The Knight's Tale"

2. Discuss "the Knight's Tale" - collect study guide
HW: Finish The Namesake
HW: Read "The Miller's Tale- p86-108 and complete questions

November 5,6

1. Discuss "The Miller's Tale" and collect study guide
2. Read The Wife of Bath's Tale and HW
HW: Vocab. week 6 quiz Nov. 5, 6
HW: prepare for The Namesake seminar

November 7,8

1. Vocab. week 6 quiz
2. Seminar on The Namesake - essay assignment - HW
3. HW: Read The Pardoner's Tale and HW

All students need to get on this page and request to join; use a name that is easily recognizable by me (like first initial, last name);I will then accept and you will have access to this wiki.

Parents are welcome to join; just have them submit a request as well. I will try to update the pages every weekend.


AP Passages are due the day after they are assigned.


Extra credit opportunities: write something for ArtBreak - poems, essays, plays, stories (it can be up to 2 year's old and reworked. 25 points for entering- 50 points for a winning entry!!

Some of you are excellent writers (and need the extra credit) so do it. I'll download the form and instructions here:

April 2, 2013

Buy Rosencranz and Guildenstern are Dead by Tom Stoppard - needed by January 22- TO BE COMPLETED BY FEB. 26

Buy The Mayor of Casterbridge by Thomas Hardy to begin reading on March 4

March 8
1. Finish R & G Are Dead movie
2. Read over and organize your thoughts for the essay to be written in class in 35 minutes on Tues. March 12-
HW Organize your thoughts on one of the following. You will have 35 minutes in class t work on the essay. You may use your book.
1. The meaning of some literary works is often enhanced by sustained allusion to myths, the Bible, or other works of literature. Write a well-organized essay in which you explain the allusion that predominates in the work and analyze how it enhances the work’s meaning.
2. Critic Roland Barthes has said, “Literature is the question minus the answer.” Write an essay in which you analyze a central question raised in R & G Are Dead and the extent to which it offers any answers. Explain how the author’s treatment of the question affects your understanding of the work as a whole.
3. “The true test of comedy is that it shall awaken thoughtful laughter.” In R & G Are Dead, think of a something that awakens “thoughtful laughter” in the reader and write an essay in which you show why this laughter is “thoughtful” and how it contributes to the meaning of the work as a whole.
4. Palestinian American literary theorist and cultural critic Edward Said has written that “Exile is strangely compelling to think about but terrible to experience. It is the unhealable rift forced between a human being and a native place, between the self and its true home; its essential sadness can never be surmounted. “Yet Said has also said that exile can become a “potent, even enriching” experience. In R & G Are Dead, the main characters are cut off from “home” and cannot even remember it. Write an essay in which you analyze how their exile is both alienating and enriching, and how this experience illuminates the meaning of the work as a whole.

March 12

In Class
1.Discuss R & G
2. Write in class essay - you may bring your book and any notes you have. Be prepared to answer one of the 4 questions above. (March 8)

March 14

In Class

1. Dr. Baarsch on John Donne and "The Broken Heart"

1. Do AP Passage 2 - The Mayor of Casterbridge
2. Write AP Passage on Donne piece
3. Read p. 500-517 text

March 18

In Class
1. In class quiz on p. 500=517 (group)
2. Go over AP Passage 2 - Mayor of Casterbridge
3. Read "A Modest Proposal" p.566-572 text
4. Complete 2 AP passages on

1.Do AP Passage 7 on The Mayor of Casterbridge
2. Complete Modest Proposal AP passages
3. this is most important - write your 40 minute essay on one of the John Donne Poems - "The Broken Heart" contains the prompt
If you choose Sonnet 10 or Sonnet 14, this is the prompt: How does the author use imagery to convey the theme of the sonnet?
Sonnet 10 - That true lovers have no for desperate outward shows of affection since their love is solid.
Sonnet 14 - That Death is nothing to be afraid of

March 20

In Class
1. . Go over passage 7 MOC
2. Pairs evaluate Donne passages using AP rubric - then turn in
3. MOC - New AP passage (1st pd. - passage 3; 2nd period - passage 5; 3rd period - passage 4


1. MOC passage
2. Read passage from "The Spectator" in text p. 614-620 and Explicate it

March 22

In Class

1. Go over "The Spectator" explication
2. Write in class essay - 30 minutes

Week of Nov. 12, 14, 16

1. Quiz on Beowulf powerpoint
2. What is truth essays - Due 11/14
3. Complete Runes - due Nov. 16
4, Group work on Grendel's head arithmetic
5. Turn in extra credit puzzle
6. Write your kenning poem - due Friday 11/16


Week of Nov. 27, 29 and Dec. 3

1.Beowulf review
2. Grendel's head arithmetic
2. Write Anglo-Saxon riddles (group work)
3. Read handout on The Venerable Bede and Caedmon
4. Read 2 poems - c/c essay
5. Beowulf/AS test -Dec. 5

Weeks of Dec. 3, 5, 7, 11,13,17

Due December 3
1. . Read the Chaucer/Canterbury Tales ppt
2. Read the Prologue to the Canterbury Tales and complete the study guide
2.. Read "The Wife of Bath's Tale"- Prologue and complete the study guide.
3. Guest speaker - Speaking on Chaucer and "The Wife of Bath's Tale" - December 7- 2nd period in the PAC - Check in with your 2nd period teacher before coming. They have been sent notes
4. "Husband's Message" "Wife's Lament" essays due Friday, December 7. Late assignments will be docked points- 10% per day.

Due December 5
1. Wife of Bath's Prologue and Tale study guide
2. Be ready for a quiz on Canterbury Tales ppt
Due December 7

1.. Canterbury Tales Prologue Study Guide - Due Friday, Dec.6
2. Canterbury Tales Wife of Bath's Prologue and Tale Study Guide - Due Friday, Dec. 6

Due December 11

1. Essay on Tthe Husband's Message" and "The Wife's Lament"
2. Miller's tale study guide
3. Quiz on Chaucer and The Wife of Bath's Tale and The Miller's Tale
4. Read the Knight's Tale and Complete Study Guide
Due December 13
1. The Knight's Tale questions
2. The Parson's tale questions and chart

Due December 17

1. Group Novel Project handout below:
major works data 1.pdf

Feb. 15, 20
1. Field trip
2.Continue reading Rosencranz and Guidenstern are Dead
3. Turn in cited research essays

1. Hamlet Test - Don't forget to go over the 3 Hamlet jeopardy games posted on the Hamlet page

Feb. 26, 28

1.1st and 2nd periods - Queen Elizabeth's speech to the troops a Tilbury
2. 3rd periods- Go over over Meditation 17 AP passage/ Do meditation 22/Introduce Sonnet 14
3. 1st period Introduce Metaphysical Poets- John Donne Holy Sonnet 10/Valediction AP passage for hw

1.3rd - Go over Donne/ Read Meditation 22 AP passage/ sonnet essay examples
2. Vocab. 10 test
3. Do meditation 22/Introduce Sonnet 10/ sonnet essay examples


I will forego the vocabulary 8 test until the week of November 12.

Week of October 29, 31, and Nov. 2

1. Write introductory paragraph and DETAILED outline of a synthesis essay on the 2 death penalty essays. - due Friday Nov. 2- See detailed instructions below. - DUE Fri. 11/2
2. Choose 3 pieces for synthesis essay and create a chart for comparing them.
3. Culminating essay on What is Truth? -Be prepared to write your outline for the "What is Truth?" essay in class on Friday. Be sure you have all of the sources you plan to use.
4. Form new novel project groups Names in group and name of novel due Tuesday, Nov.7
5. Read the Anglo-Saxon PowerPoint posted on the ppt. page and complete the study guide posted on the ppts page. Due November 8
6. Be ready for a pop quiz on the AS Study Guide.

Instructions for Argumentative Synthesis of Death Penalty Essays
1. Choose a topic based on a synthesis of the 2 essays - It can take a position pro or con on the death penalty OR you may choose to argue which writer best presents his/her case. As long as you can develop a logical argument and use information from both essays, your topic will work.
2. Develop a strong introductory paragraph outlining your topic and containing an arguable thesis statement.
3. Write a detailed outline of the rest of the essay; at least 3 body paragraphs and a concluding paragraph
4. Each body paragraph must contain the following:
a. topic sentence consisting of the point you are going to make
b. Quote from either essay
c. TWO explanations/analyses/arguments that support your topic sentence claim
5. Repeat # 4 at least 2 more times
6. Concluding paragraph which summarizes points made as well as bringing a new insight into the topic (a clincher sentence).

REMEMBER: This is your practice for your graded What is Truth? essay. If you do a good job with this, the truth essay will be much easier to write.

Rubric: Topic and Intro paragraph - 15 points
Each body paragraph outline - 10 points
Conclusion - 15 points

November 8

1. Vocab. 8 test
2. Turn in Novel group info.
3. Turn in AS ppt. Study Guide
4. Quiz on AS ppt.
5. Turn in outline for "What is Truth?" essay
6. Essay due on November 16
7. Beowulf ppt.
8. Begin Beowulf.

1. Salvation/Frozen Night final draft essay due - Wednesday August 29
2. Quiz on Group One Allusions - Friday, August 31
3. Vocabulary Quiz 2 - Wednesday, August 29
4. Book money for Barnes & Noble books is due no later than Wednesday, August 29.
You will need a copy of the following books: The Nuts and Bolts of College Writing - Michael Harvey
The Namesake - Jhumpa Lahiri
UnSpun - Brooks Jackson
Writing About Literature - Janet Gardner
Read The Miller's Tale &

Read The Wife of Bath's Tale - complete the study guide - Due Tues./Wed/ Feb 6/7

*Keep a notebook to take notes related to themes and motifs - You will want to write down act, scene, and line numbers so that you can uses them in your cited research paper. Be thinking topics for your paper. You will choose one theme to research: all of the themes align with the motifs so pay attention and take notes as we read. You will need these citations for your research paper!

Week of January 8, 10

1. Read Act I of Hamlet and complete study guide
2. Complete AP Passage 1 - due January 14
3. Read Act 2 and discuss. Complete study guide.

Week of January 14, 16

1. Complete Act 3 and discuss.
2. Go over AP passage 1
3. Do AP passage 2 - due Jan 16
4. Go over AP Passage 2 -

Week of January 22, 24

1. Check AP Passage 2, discuss and collect
2. Group presentations of Act IV
3.Group annotate the "To be or not to be" soliloquy

1. Go over group annotations
2. Group work on tone, diction,imagery and syntax of the soliloquy
3. Given examples, finish the worksheets
4. Take home AP passage 6.

Week of January 28, 30 and Feb. 1

1. Finish going over untangling a soliloquy papers
2. read sample paper
3. Check AP passage 6
4. In groups, annotate the "I find thee apt" soliloquy
5. Discuss and assign essay

1. Turn in essays
2. Explain research paper and hand out topic choices
3. Read p.110 through p.121 in Writing about Literature, SKIM p.132-136, and read the sample research paper on p. 136-142.
3. Begin choosing quotes (10 minimum) for paper and formulating a thesis statement
4. Writing workshop on internal citations

ou will be taking an AP Multiple Choice Pretest Wednesday, August 29 in class. It does NOT count toward your grade.


9. Go to and register. These are the class numbers:

1st period - 5388564

2nd 5388595

3rd 5388617

Password is: schmidt

rices: UnSpun $12
The Namesake - $12
The Nuts and Bolts of College Writing - $8
Writing About Literature - $11

Supplies and Fees:
You will need a binder with dividers and loose-leaf paper. It should have a pocket or space for handouts. (It does not necessarily have to be solely for English.)
Class fee is $20 to cover scantrons, copies, paper
the chaser.pdf

Week of 9/4-9-7

1. MLA Formatting Assignment - due Monday 9/10 - See link below

3. College Essays - The Application Essay - examples, evaluation, writing

4. Read Chapters 1 & 2 of The Nuts and Bolts of College Writing - there will be a quiz after ch.4-

Week of 9/10-9/14

1. Allusions Quiz 2

2. Reflective Writing Workshop - What Can I Write About?

3. Writing rough drafts, peer conferencing, and d.2 of application essays

4. Vocab. 3 Quiz

Week of September 17-21

1. Go over "The Crossing" essay rubric and sample essays

2. Hand out student essays and have students rate their own

3. Reflections and MJM Essays for extra credit

4. Alllusions Quiz 1-3

5. Vocabulary Quiz 4 - loose sentence (see appendix)

6. Turn in D2 of college essays (if completed; otherwise, turn them in on Friday)

7. Review Interview Questions

8. How to write a resume - look at samples

9. Write a rough draft resume - due Sept. 24

*Reminder: You should be reading your group AP novel - reports are due Friday, Oct. 5

I will post the format here. Only one report per group is required. - You need not use this specific format, but all elements in it are required. Divide it up among the group to complete it. You will probably present them in class.

Week of September 25-27& Oct. 1, 3, 5

You need to bring all of your books to class for opportunities to read in class. That includes Unspun, The Nuts & Bolts of College Writing, The Namesake

1. Turn in resumes

2. Read UnSpun -Chapters 5-9 due Oct. 5

3. UnSpun Read Chapter 5-9 and work on project - due Wed. Oct. 3

UnSpun Project requirements:

. Cite 7 Ads - show pictures of them.

Analyze and explain the ad.

Tell what trick the ad uses

Who the ad targets

4. Vocab. 6 test

5. Nuts and Bolts chapter 4-6 due 10/3 , and Chapter 7-8, due 10/5

Be ready for a pop quiz on either book at any time.

6. 3 posts on discussion board of Turn It In on All the King's Men - due 0ct. 26

7. Read The Namesake due 10/17

8. Persuasive essay on truth - must have a works cited
Go to and register. These are the class numbers:

1st period - 5388564
2nd 5388595
3rd 5388617

Password is: schmidt

2010Old English Lit.ppt

Read The Miller's Tale &

Read The Wife of Bath's Tale - complete the study guide - Due Tues./Wed/ Feb 6/7

Be prepared for a pop quiz on any of the above reading

The Namesake.pdf

The Overcoat summary.pdf

the namesake essay.pdf

The Namesake essay is due Tuesday, February 7

The Middle Ages and The Canterbury Tales:

Read "The Knight's Tale" and complete questions on it.- due 2/2 and 2/3

Test on The Canterbury Tales and the Medieval Period - Tuesday/Wednesday 2/14 & 2/15

Medieval study guide2.docx

Allusions Volume 2

Your essays MUST be in correct MLA format including header. If your paper is not in correct MLA format, it will not be accepted and will count as late when you do turn it in. Use the MLA link I've given you on this website!

Allusions: We will do these in groups with quizzes each week.

Allusions Group 1-15 Quiz on Monday 10/17 and Tues. 10/18

1. Allusions Quiz Group 3 - #31-45 next Wed./Thurs Nov. 2, and 3
2. You need to buy The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer. Be sure that you get the Neville Coghill translation.
3. Since I will be out Thursday - Monday, you will be going to the library to do research associated with The Canterbury Tales. Dual enrollment people, this will result in your cited essay to be completed for this semester.
4. Vocab. Week 7 quiz next Wed./Thurs. Nov. 2 and 3.
1. Allusions Quiz Group 3 - #31-45 next Wed./Thurs Nov. 2, and 3
2. You need to buy The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer. Be sure that you get the Neville Coghill translation.
3. Since I will be out Thursday - Monday, you will be going to the library to do research associated with The Canterbury Tales. Dual enrollment people, this will result in your cited essay to be completed for this semester.
4. Vocab. Week 7 quiz next Wed./Thurs. Nov. 2 and 3.

Don't forget that your group novels are due on Oct. 24 and Oct. 25. Be ready to present your novel on those days.

Online Textbook:



If you can't get the textbook from this site, let me know at the next class and we'll figure it out from there.

Beowulf handouts:

Beowulf Study Guide 1.pdf

Beowulf family tree.pdf



Schmidt 2011Beowulf Study Guide.docx

Check out this Youtube video Viking Cats- fun!


I am filling in all missing grades with zeros. If you were absent or if you think a zero is an error, you must see me in person or email me so we can get the grades straightened out before Friday at 3:30. Remember, this is a progress report, not a grade that goes on your permanent record. I will be in tomorrow before school and in the afternoon, but will be attending the author luncheon so I'll be out of pocket during the lunch period.

Also: bring your Mid-term study guides; I will give you some changes

Read Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead - quiz on return after Christmas Break

Bring your Hamlet books with you on test day. I will be collecting them.


Engl. 105: Your last 2 essays will be : 1-"Ghost-Busted" 500-750 words on why Renaissance beliefs in ghosts are important in Hamlet and

2-Mid-term essay on Hamlet as a tragic hero. You will be getting the specific instructions next week.

English 115: Your last 2 essays will be: 1-Mid-term essay on Hamlet as a tragic hero and

2- You wil explicate a soliloquy from Hamlet and write an essay in which you discuss how diction, imagery, or other literary devices further the ideas/themes/ motifs, etc. of the play. You will get more detail in class. We will practice explicating some passages and writing rough drafts first.

115 Students: bibliography for the "ghost-busted" article: Papp, Joseph ahd Elizabeth Kirkland. New York: Bantian.

1988. ( you will have to add the page numbers)

for up-to-date info. on MLA 7, go to

Hamlet Jeopardy links:

Major Works Data Sheet.lnAP

major works data

Schmidt 2011Hamlet Study Guide.docx

Act 1 Hamlet Study Guide.docx

Act 2 study guide.docx

Act 2 study guide.pdf.docx

Hamlet Notes.docx

Hamlet Notes.pdf.docx

Greek Theory of Tragedy.docx

Greek Theory of Tragedy.pdf.docx

Aristotle and notes.pdf.docx

Aristotle and notes.docx

Hamlet Vocabulary - Be familiar with these words AS THEY ARE USED IN HAMLET. Pop quiz on Friday or after

Hamlet Vocabulary

Nov. 28-29: Finish Act I, Turn in Act I study guide, Complete Act I & II Background and Acts I & II Quiz;

HW: Finish Group Novel Report - Due Wed/Thurs. Nov. 30/Dec. 1: Study for Hamlet Vocab. Quiz

AP Passages 1 (in class) 2 in groups, and 3 at home

Note to 5th period: We will do the AP Passages on Wednesday

Nov. 30/Dec. 1: Act I Multiple Choice Quiz: Check AP Passage #3:

Hamlet Vocabulary Quiz (see words posted above)

Read Act III:

HW: Complete Study Guide Act III; AP Passage #4

Dec. 2, 5: Finish reading Act III; Headliner Group Activity- due next class

HW: AP Passages 5 & 6; :Finish Act III Study Guide

Dec. 6, 7: Preseent Headliner Activity; Explicate "To Be or Not to Be" Soliloquy

Read sample essay: handout possible research questions for cited essay

HW: AP Passages 7 & 8; D.1 of AP Essay

Dec. 8, 9: Quiz on Act III: Read Act IV and fill in study guide as we read

HW: Read Act V and complete AP Passage 9

Dec. 12,13: Act IV and V Quiz; Talk about mid-term essay: Jeopardy Review for test

HW: Study for test: AP Passage 9

Dec. 14, 15: Hamlet Test

Bonus: crossword puzzles @ 5 pts each; Rewrite a scene: 10 points

UPDATE 1/4/2012: Dual enrollment essays D.1 are due on Friday, 1/6/12 They must be picked up from me on Monday 1/9.

Final drafts are due on Exam Day or earlier if you finish early: You may bring them to me or to the office. You are NOT required to do a rough draft.

General guidelines for writing papers: English IV writing

I am including a link to 2 sample essays as well as some helpful notes. Shortcut to Hamlet essay.lnk

Hamlet essay.pdf

If you are having trouble opening the above link, you need to update your adobe acrobat reader. It's a free download.

Some fun websites for Hamlet: A song about Hamlet read by a Scotsman

All Students: Bring your materials for writing your Hamlet essays (both of them) on Wednesday as I will be going over them with you and giving you time to work on them.

Hamlet tragic hero essay due on your exam day

Don't forget to return your Hamlet books on exam day! & see highlighted note below:

Writing Workshop: The Argumentative Essay

George Orwell essay: Politics and the English Language

external image msword.pngSalvation rubric- print it and staple it to the front of your essay

external image msword.pngSalvation essay by Langston Hughes - an autobiographical essay

=Helpful Resources:=

Basic MLA Formatting.pdf - this is new! It contains everything you need. OPEN IT!!

external image msword.pngWriting a good resume- If you need to improve your resume, read this
external image msword.pngInterview pointers

Parenthetical documentation.pdf

Punctuation primer.doc
= =

= =
= =
=Summer Reading should be completed by the first day of school.=
The novels are:
The Stranger- Albert Camus
The Importance of Being Ernest - Oscar Wilde
All the King's Men - Robert Penn Warren
Either: The Swallows of Kabul - Yasmin Khadra or
A Thousand Splendid Suns - Khaled Hosseini
We will discuss The Swallows of Kabul and A Thousand Splendid Suns using an IM assignment.
IM Assignment directions and rubric: You will need to PRINT the rubric to turn in with your IM assignment transcript.
IM assignment and rubric.pdf
A Thousand Splendid Suns.docx
The Swallows of Kabul.pdf
Seminar Questions for The Stranger.docx
The Importance of Being Earnest - c/c paper after viewing the movie.

We will discuss All the King's Men in class using the questions found in the "Archives" section below. Be prepared to answer some of these.

Then you will write a paper on All the King's Men using the guidelines in this link:

All the King's Men ass't.pdf
Please bring the reading text to class each day in order to be prepared for discussions.
We will discuss The Stranger using the Socratic Seminar method.
=Tentative Reading List: *denotes books available in the classroom=
= =
Major Works:
= =
All the Kings Men, Warren
= =
The Importance of Being Earnest, Wilde
= =
The Stranger, Camus
= =
The Swallows of Kabul, Khadra
= =
A Thousand Splendid Suns, Hosseini
= =
Beowulf, trans. Seamus Heaney
= =
The Canterbury Tales, Geoffrey Chaucer (Penguin edition) I have 15 of these in class
= =
Macbeth, Shakespeare
= =
*Hamlet, Shakespeare
= =
The Mayor of Casterbridge, Thomas Hardy
= =
Death of a Salesman, Miller
= =
The Namesake – Jhumpa Lahiri
= =
Long Day’s Journey Into Night – Eugene O’Neill
= =
Gulliver's Travels - Jonathan Swift
= =
Various other AP novels chosen individually and in groups

You will also need your own copy of The Nuts and Bolts of College Writing, Michael Harvey
= =
=AP Vocabulary: Read through this link for weekly vocabulary words and assignments.=

Use of the literary present tense in papers:Verb Tense for Analysis of Literature and History[1].txt

=AP Reading List.pdf=
= =
type in this password: BCDB19C588
Mac users: this is not compatible; please come by my room and I will give you the CD that you may download onto your computer


=Day 1: Course requirements, syllabus, website, AP and Dual Enrollment, vocabulary, supplies, fees, lockers=
=Day 2: Academic honesty, plagiarism tutorial and quiz, The Importance of Being Earnest Quiz; Voice Lessons-Diction=

=Day 3=
1. Voice Lessons - detail
2. Discuss "The Politics of the English Language" George Orwell
3. Last chance to turn in plagiarism test: mini tests and posttest only
4.Read about writing a good compare/contrast essay in Literature by Roberts/Jacobs p. 1979-1988
5. Take notes on the c/c essay (the reading and note-taking is homework). I don't have enough books for everyone, so you will need to complete the assignment on the night you receive it and come by my room the NEXT day to return the books for the next class.
EX. If you take the book home on Wed. (A day), you will return it to me on Thursday (B day). Failure to return the book on time will result in loss of points for the assignment. Don't make me chase you down!! If I'm not in the classroom when you come, just leave the book by the door.
6. Watch the movie- The Importance of Being Earnest
=Check the News and Updates ( above) for daily homework assignments=

Homework: take the plagiarism quiz,
Plagiarism Tutorial
After you take the quiz, print it out and turn it in.
=Day 4: Instructions for c/c essay on the play and the movie; watch the movie and take notes=
Homework: Work on IM assignment summer reading-due A day- 8/26 B day 8/29
Detail from Voice Lesson - in class
Socratic Seminar on The Stranger will take place the day after we finish the movie The Importance of Being Earnest.
= =
=Day 5:=
Voice Lessons warm up
Intro to MLA Parenthetical Documentation

**MLA Parenthetical Documentation** -

Finish Movie
Study for Vocabulary test 1
= =
= =
=The Canterbury Tales- Geoffrey Chaucer=
===Directions: Read the PowerPoint on Chaucer and the CT===
Read each of the following tales: Man of Law's, Miller's, Pardoner's, Wife of Bath's, and The Physician's tales and complete the questions associated with each. You may work in groups and turn in one paper per group. Complete at least the 1st four tales by Tuesday, 3/3.

Chaucer and The Canterbury Tales.ppt
Chaucer and CT notes.rtf

Man of law's tale quiz.doc

8318millers tale questions.doc

pardoner's tale guide.doc

8319wife of bath questions.doc
The Physician's Tale Quiz.doc


==*NEW Possible Topics for Cited Essay on Wuthering Heights.docx==

==="An Alternative to the Alternative to the Alternative Energy Plan":===




2/24: hw: in Glencoe text, read "A Modest Proposal" p. 566-573. Read article "An Alternative to the Alternative to the Alternative Energy Plan" (posted here). You have a choice of 3 assignments here:
1. Write your own satirical piece, making an outrageous suggestion in the manner of Swift and Tingle.
2. Draw a polical cartoon- be sure to follow the rules of satire in your depiction of characters OR
3. Write and perform a satire/parody of a song dealing with a serious issue (a la The Capital Steps) Due 3/3- We will share these in class!
Please read the following handout on Satire carefully; it is the basis on which your assignment will be graded.
I will be out on the 24th with the Decathlon Team; bring your Wuthering Heights books with you in case you have extra time to read.
4. Quiz on Vocabulary week 12/ Quiz on Puritanism/Enlightenment (extended from 2/22)

Passionate Shepherd or Nymph's Reply essays are due Wed/Thurs. You may email them. If you haven't already turned in your outline and paraphrasing, attach it to your essay.

Group novel assignments are due March 20/21. Use the same format as last time.

The Mayor of Casterbridge should be completed by next Wednesday. The test will consist of an AP Question 3 timed essay on Thursday/Friday March 15/16.

Bring The Mayor of Casterbridge every day.

Chapters 21-30 are due Wednesday, Thursday March 14/15

Quiz possible

Assignments in the Roberts/Jacobs Literature Book: Parts 1 & 2 due Friday/Monday 3/9 & 3/12
Part 3 will be completed in class on Monday/Tuesday 3/12 & 3/13

Good News!! Group novel projects have been extended until March 14/15

3/1: We will discuss "A Modest Proposal and share your modest proposals (essays, cartoons, or songs), so come to class prepared to share.
Research papers are due today!!
"A Modest Proposal" AP passages
hw: Read p.586 in Glencoe text - bio of Pope and answer the following questions (in writing):
1. Why is Pope considered a literary giant?
2. What is a heroic couplet?
3. What is an epigram? Quote 3 that are new to you.
Read "An Essay on Man" p.590 and answers questions 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and Under "Herioc couplet" answer numbers 1, & 2.
Work on Allusions group 2: #16-30 (Quiz on 3/3)
Vocab. group 13 quiz on 3/3

3/3: Discussion of "An Essay on Man," mock epics; excerpts from "Rape of the Lock"
hw: if not completed in class: worksheet on Rape of the Lock," p.599 #2-8 and p.600 Mock Epic #1-3 & Allusion Activity & Interpreting Imagery #1 & 2. Quiz on Alllusions group 1

3/8: Due to confusion on the due date for the Pope assignments, I will accept them today.
Group novel projects are due Thursday, 3/10."The Spectator" Addison/Steele; Read the bio and background p. 614 & 615 in class; We will read the excerpt in class and discuss it.
Extra credit activity: drawing a caricature (either in writing or in the form of a cartoon)
AP Passage on "The Spectator"
Study Allusions group 2: quiz 3/10; Study group 3 17-30

3/10: Mark Twain AP Passage (in class). We will read "Queen Elizabeths Speech to the Troops" and analyze it using syntax analysis worksheet; We will examine and evaluate essays.
Group novel projects due
Quiz on Vocab. Week 13
Quiz on Alllusions Group 2 16-30
Wuthering Heights Study Guide on Chapters 1-8 due; Chapters 9-16 due 3/24; Quiz on Ch. 1-16 3/24
Wuthering Heights multiple choice AP passage- due 2/14

3/14: Finish Queen Elizabeth's Speech activity. Read "It's a Woman's World" and write in class essay. Read Wuthering Heights.
Go over W. H. mc passage 1; Do passage 2

3/15: Wuthering Heights Study Guide Chapter 9-16 due 3/24: Evaluate "It's a Woman's World" essays. Read and analyze "Mr. Z" using Poetry Commentary Builder handout. Use the handout to write the essay- due 3/17; Go over W.H. mc passage 2; do passage 3

3/17: Share/turn in "Mr. Z" essays. Quiz on Vocabulary Week 14; Quiz on Allusions group 3; Study Volume II #31-45 of allusions
Go over W.H. mc passage 3; Do passage 4

3/22: Go over W. H. mc AP practice passage 4; do passage 5

3/24: Wuthering Heights Study Guide Chapter 9-16 due; Quiz on Chapters 1-16. Continue Reading Wuthering Heights; Study Guide for the rest of the novel due 4/12; Group project on W.H. due 4/12; Test on W.H. 4/14; Go over W. H. mc passage 5; do passages 6 and 7.

2/7/2011: Read the poem "Ogun" and annotate/explicate it using the questions below. Due 2/8

2/8: Write an essay on one of these 3 topics: Either write a c/c essay comparing theme, tone, diction, or another topic in "Ogun" and "Shropshire Lad." OR write an essay on how the author develops tone in "Shropshire Lad" OR write and essay in which you discuss how the diction, imagery and movement of the verse in "Ogun" reflect differences in tone and content between the two larger sections.

DUE: 2/10
Quiz on Vocabulary Week 10 on 2/10



2/10: Quiz on Vocabulary Week 10; Read "War" by Luigi Pirandello (handout) paying particular attention to his use of irony.
2/1/2011- Read p. 1979-1985 in The Literature- Roberts/Jacobs book and outline it. (How to write a compare/contrast literary essay)
Bring $5 donation for coffee house
=====1. Form another novel group. Choose a novel to read. In 2 weeks, I will post a discussion board on which you will discuss your novel. I must have your group names and novel choice by Thursday, Feb. 3.=====
=====2. Complete the research and documentation exercise below. Due Tuesday, Feb. 1.=====
=====3. Read the uploaded documents below: How to write a research question and How to write a thesis statement. Then do the exercise on the thesis statement page. Choose 3 of the given topics to write thesis statements for; we will share these in class on Tuesday.=====


research paper guide.pdf
Research Paper Process steps.doc
Rubric Research paper.pdf
Sample outline.pdf
rd research paper.pdf
Research Paper - All dual enrollment
Library Wednesday, 4/11 and Thursday 4/12. Also, I will be giving you information on how to access the LSUS library online!
You must have 4 sources, including your novel as one source. Pay attention to due dates!!
Thesis due - 4/13-4/14
Outline - 4/18-4/19
Paper w/ works cited - 4/30-5/2
Non dual enrollment students - Choose any novel or play off the AP list to read - Write a 2-3 paragraph summary and a one paragraph critique of it. - due 4/23-24
Also, Orwell essay - for 115 students and non dual enrollment students (This is your argumentative essay - see me if you need to be reminded how to write it)
Due date TBA
April 13-14 - Have "The Chaser" read and have the two assignment sheets finished when you come to class. They are uploaded here.
You may write your answers on a piece of notebook paper instead of printing them.



=====4. In class on Tues. In The McGraw-Hill Reader, read 2 essays. These are excellent examples of compare/contrast essays. Look at them with a critical eye. "The Arab World" p. 420 & "Family Values" p. 344.=====
Be prepared to discuss them in class on Tuesday 2/1..
=Homework for the Thanksgiving Break=
Start your poetry notebook. Follow the directions on your handout. Read each poem at least 2xs. Reflect on them before you write. Leave at least on page blank for more notes when we get back. Print a copy of the poem and glue it into your notebook so that you can annotate it.
You will only get out of this what you choose to put into it. Don't wait for me to tell you what the poem means; you can figure this out yourselves!
=Enjoy your holiday!! I am thankful for students like YOU!!=

=Hamlet test will be given on Tuesday, Nov. 16. We will play Hamlet jeopardy on Thursday, Nov. 11.=

===Hamlet essay- more choices: If you don't want to use the tragic hero topic, you may choose from the following topics:===
1. The essay assigned on the page with the "To be or not to be" soliloquy that we untangled in class.
2. See Hamlet handout below:

Final Exam Study Guide.pdf
Nappers & nodus (non-dual enrollment:
Read one novel off the AP list and complete the following assignment:
1. Write a 3 paragraph (minimum) paper:
1st paragraph: brief summary of the book.
2nd paragraph: themes, major characters
3rd paragraph: your opinion/recommendations about the novel. Would you recommend it? To whom? Why?
2. The paper must be in correct MLA format.
3. Due date: May 7/8
4. Orwell essay: prompt below - correct MLA format. Due on the class before the final.
Research Paper OUTLINES: These are worth 100 points!! Follow the guidelines given in the upload below exactly including internal citations in correct MLA format.

Orwell essay question.pdf

***4. READ THE RESEARCH PAPER GUIDE - see link below

A Modest Proposal.pdf

===ANNOUNCEMENTS: Be sure to review the 2 power points on tragedy and Shakepeare's verse; elements of each will be included on the Hamlet test.===
=Invisible Man is due November 15. Read it!!! Don't depend on Spark notes!!=

research paper guide.pdf

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Potential research questions/topics for research papers:

The use of plague/disease as a device for social commentary
The ethical quandaries surrounding advances in technology--what do Shelley and Atwood say about these? How does Atwood show the good & bad aspect of this? What about the availability of the advances? Is it equitable? How many of these advances are driven by human vanity? By material gain? At what cost?
What is our responsibility for what we create?
How do literature and movies reflect our fearfulness about creating life more intelligent than we?
What might be unintended consequences?
Issues of Eugenics
The influence of society over the personality--do we create our own monsters?
Then dangers of untrammeled ambition--F or O&C
Selfish pleasures as a source of human destruction (BNW & OC)
You may choose to use O & C as a secondary source in a research paper on: GMO's--pros and cons; Quality of our current food supply (i.e. uses of corn, processed foods); cheap foods such as chicken, pork, and how they are grown, housed, and slaughtered
Sig of Huxley's use of Shakespeare in Brave New World--only if you are familiar with the plays or are willing to read or watch them.
Population control/ways of enforcing stability in BNW, O&C
Issues of overpopulation in BNW and O&C/Theories of Thomas Malthus, BNW, O&C
Human vice bringing destruction--pride, greed, lust, etc.--CT, O&C
The use of Biblical allusion in O&C OR Frankenstein.