Bring your copies of The Mayor of Casterbridge to class with you on Friday, Jan. 10 as you may have time to read.

If you have not already purchased the novel, Kindle copies can be bought for 99 cents.


Edmoto password: t5ktyff

Monday, Tuesday March 10,11

1. Vocab. 13 quiz
2. Textbook assignment to finish the Enlightenment
3. Write "To Helen" essays
HW: Watch The Romantics ppt
Complete Textbook literary elements and partner activity or Helen essay - due Wed./Thurs.
2nd period - Read p.614-620 and answer #1-3 under "Literary Elements"

Wednesday, Thursday, March 12, 13

1. Collect Helen essays, AP and field trip $ - DEADLINES for AP are TODAY and Medieval Times - Friday
2. Poem- "The World is too much with us"
3. Read p. 725-731 and 736-741 - A Vindication of the Rights of Women" and "Raising Their Voices"
4. Read Kate Chopin's "The Story
of an Hour"
HW: Essay topics: Have women's roles in society worldwide changed? Is feminism still relevant today? (those 2 are one topic) OR Use an example from the Wollenstonecraft essay to support her disagreement with the way women are treated today. - due Friday, Monday March 14, 17

Friday, Monday March 14, 17

1. Collect essays

2. Read "The World is Too Much With Us" p 782

3. Read Kublah Khan, In Patagonia -829, and The Rime of the Ancient Mariner - p.729

HW: Study for vocab. 14 quiz on Tues, Wed. March 18,19

Tuesday/Wednesday March 18,19

1. Childe Harold's Pilgrimage
2. Ozymandius
3. La Belle Dame Sans Merci
4. AP Cards - review terms
5. Assign "The Importance of Being Earnest" - due after spring breaak
6. NAPPERS - Read a novel - Write a precis on it to share with other nappers and with cappers - due April 8
HW: Entries for Artbreak - due April 3 / "The Importance of Being Earnest"

Thursday, March 20/ Monday, March 31

1. Last minute directions for field trip.
2. Vocab. 14 - group test - check out Importance of Being Earnest books
3. Cappers - Storm Warnings - annotate and write essay
4. AP Card game of terms for cappers
5. Read Importance of Being Earnest of other book for nappers
HW: Complete "The Importance of Being Earnest"
Entries for ArtBreak - due April 3

Watch Victorian PowerPoint

Wednesday, April 2, Tuesday, April 3

1. Discuss "The Importance of Being Earnest"
2. Quiz on Victorian Age
3. Watch movie - write c/c essay on it for nappers
4. Cappers do Question 3 Essay
HW: all essays due next class

Tuesday, April 9, Wednesday, April 10

1. Collect question 3 essays from cappers
2.Go over "The Crossing" essays and samples
3. Rewrite "The Crossing" essays - Wednesday, Thursday
4. Nappers - finish novels and write Precis- due Thursday
HW: Ch. 15 Vocabulary- Thursday/Friday
Essays and precis

Wednesday/Thurs Jan. 8, 9, 2014 :

Finish watching Rosencranz and Guildenstern are Dead
1. Read Chapters 1-5 of The Mayor of Casterbridge - due Friday Jan. 17
2. Allusions Book one group one (1-15) Quiz
3. Vocab. week 7 test on Friday.
4. Group Novel Project Books should be written in the white notebook by Friday, Jan. 10 - projects are due the last week of the 9 weeks.

Friday, Jan. 10, /Monday, Jan. 13, 2014

1. Quiz on Vocab. week 7
2. Directions for Hamlet paper.
Hw: Write down your Hamlet paper topic - due Mon/Tues.
Continue reading The Mayor of Casterbridge

Tuesday, Wednesday Jan. 14, 15

1. Meet in library for research -

2. Turn in topic for paper

HW: work on paper

Read through Ch. 5 of The Mayor of Casterbridge
Allusions group 2 quiz on Thursday, Tuesday

Thursday, Jan 16 and Tuesday, Jan 21

1. Meet in library for research.
2. Write Hamlet paper- due Feb. 6,7 - including works cited
3. Continue reading The Mayor of Casterbridge- Quiz on Chapters 1-5
4. Allusions book one, group 2 quiz
HW: Vocab. week 8 quiz on Wed./Thursday
Mayor of Casterbridge - Ch. 6-10 due Tuesday/Wednesday Jan 22, 23
Write research outline - due Jan. 22

Wednesday/Thursday, Jan. 22,23

1. Introduce Dialectical Journals for The Mayor of Casterbridge - to be completed and turned in to Turn it In as well as a hard copy to me- March 4/5
2. Quiz on Vocab. 8
3. Mayor AP Passages
4. 17th Century British Lit - John Donne
5. Collect research outlines
HW: Continue reading Mayor of Casterbridge- Ch. 11- 16
Continue working on research papers
Study for Vocab. Quiz 8
Emodo Quiz on Writing about Literature Ch. 1 Due Friday.

Friday/Monday, Jan. 24, 27

1. Quiz on Allusions book one group 3
2. Quiz on Vocab. Quiz 8
3. 17th Century - Donne,
4. Mayor AP Passages
5. Satire - A Modest Proposal
HW: Continue working on research paper - due Jan. 31/Feb. 1
Ch. 2 quiz - Edmodo- Writing about Literature

Tuesday/Wednesday, Jan. 28, 29

1. Modest Proposal AP Passage
2. 17th century passages
3. Vocab. 9 quiz
4. The Mayor of Casterbridge - Ch. 16-20
5. Mayor AP Passages
HW: Read Mayor of Casterbridge- Chapters 16-20
Ch. 6 - quiz Edmodo- Writing about Literature
Thursday/Friday, Jan. 30,31

1. 17th Century - Satire
2. Mayor AP Passages
3. Finish 17th century - Milton
HW: paper and Edmodo quiz on Chapter 7
MOC: Chapters 21-25

Monday, Tuesday, Feb. 3, 4

1. Revise research papers (group conferencing)
2. Mayor AP passages
3. 17th century
HW: Revise partner's paper due Wed./Thurs.
Study for allusions Quiz 3
Study for vocab. Ch. 10
MOC : Ch. 26-30

Wednesday, Thursday, Feb. 5,6

1. Allusions part 2 quiz 1
2. Vocabulary quiz 10
3. Return revisions for rewrites -
4. AP Passages on Mayor of Casterbridge
5. Janie AP annotation and paragraph - share in class

HW: Finalize term paper
MOC: Ch. 31-35

Friday, Monday, Feb. 7, 10 house workers and supplies
2. "The First Death of Her Life" AP passage and annotation style analysis
3. AP Passages- John Donne meditations- (group) and in class essay on Sonnet 14

Thursday,Friday Feb. 13, 14

1.. Mayor of Casterbridge test
2. Test on MOC

4. Work on group novel projects - have your books with you!!

HW: Study for Vocab. 11 and Allusions Group 2-3
read group novels and work on reports

Monday,Tuesday, Feb. 17, 18

1. "Ogun" AP analysis
2. "Shropshire Lad" AP analysis
3. Write opening paragraphs
4. Turn in research papers

Thursday,Friday, Feb. 20,21

1. Quiz on Vocab. 11
2. Allusions quiz 2-2
3. Enlightenment ppt
4. Poetry wheels
5. Collect dialectical journals

Monday, Tuesday Feb. 24,25

1. Quiz on the Enlightenment ppt
2. Finish/Present poetry wheels
3. Read p.44-45 on compare/contrast writing in The McGraw-Hill Reader
4. Read the 2 essays "The Death of the Moth" by Virginia Woolf p.21 and "The Death of a Moth by Annie Dillard on p. 24
5. Read through (or discuss) the comprehension and rhetoric sections after each article, thinking about your responses
6. Turn to p. 27 and read through the Synthesis section
7.Do #5-Write a brief (40 minute) essay comparing and contrasting the writers' perspective on the central event-the death of the (a) moth.

HW: Study for vocab. 12 and allusions 2-3 quizzes - Friday Feb. 28 and Monday, March 2
Group novel projects due March 2,3

Wednesday, Thursday, Feb. 26,27

Go over Death of the Moth essays
1. AP Book projects due March 2,3
2. AP MC Test (timed)
3. Write in class Helen essays
4. Share poetry wheels
HW: Study for tests, finish group novel project Due March 4,5

Friday, Feb. 28, Monday, March 3

1.. Vocab. 12 test
2. Allusions 2-3 quiz
3. Go over Helen essays
AP Card games

Tuesday, Wednesday, March 4, 5

1. Study for vocab. 13 test
2. The Mock epic and Satire
3. The Rape of the Lock
4. A Modest Proposal AP Passage
HW: Helen essays/

Thursday, Friday, March 6, 7

1. Go over Helen essays
2. Vocab. 13 quiz
AP card games

Monday, Monday, Tuesday, March 10,11

1. Intro. The Romantics
2. in class AP essay - Eros


Victorian - The Importance of Being Ernest

Hamlet study guides:

November 20, 21, 22

1.Canterbury Tales Test
2. Begin Hamlet

December 1,2

1.Read Act I and discuss
HW:. Finish Study Guide and Act I Hamlet and do AP passage 1

December 3, 4

1. Go over AP passage 1
2. Read part of Act II _ finish w/study guide for hw
2. Style analysis
3.HW: Read Act II, do AP passage 2

December 5,6

1. Go over AP passage 2
2. Read Act III - complete study guide and AP passage 5- HW
3. Style Analysis Essay assignment

December 9, 10

1. Go over passage 2 and Act III
1. Read Act IV and assign headliner activity - due Dec. 11,12
2. AP passage 5 and study guide
HW: Complete headliner activity

December 11,12

1. Present headliner activities
2. Read Act V and complete study guide
3. Essay assignment style analysis due

December 13

fun activities

Beowulf background notes.pptx
Beowulf background notes.pptx

Beowulf background notes.pptx

PDF is so you can print slides without pics for future reference the rest of the year or for the open-note quizzes on Edmodo. Please let me know if printing a long document is an issue for you, and I will get you a copy. DO NOT SKIP THE OTHERS! THEY HAVE THE FULL INFORMATION!

On day 2, I will show you how to properly set up your computer for MLA format. Typed, MLA format will be required for all papers.

Laptops, e-readers, and pads are welcome as long as they are used for classwork. If not, you will not be allowed to bring them.

The classroom has 3 computers and 2 printers available for use during free time, HOWEVER, I expect you to come to class with papers due already printed. If you have printer issues, use the printer in the library or get to class early in order to print.

Ode on a Grecian Urn - Keats
The Things They Carried - in class